About Us

About us....!! Ummmm....Where to start from?? Well, we are two crazy minds sharing similar interests but have different tastes. We are crazy about books, music and movies. So, thought of giving a shape to or crazy-ness through this movie review blog. 

This is not a conventional movie review blog. It’s not for commercial purpose, it will not tell or force you to go for any movie. This blog would rather give the insight to look at the hidden sides of movies that we often tend to miss out. We would offer reviews of a bunch of movies that we’ve fallen for in all these years. 

We are not only focusing on new entrants, but we would like to share our version of reviews about some of our childhood favs, some of our adolescent hits and some movies which had played inspiring roles in our growing ups for the person we are today. Our pure love and sheer interest on movies have compelled us to take out the other side of the stories we see as feature films on screens. 

As of now we will be publishing reviews of Hindi, English and Bengali movies. Rest, we would try to push ourselves to include movies from other language streams as well. 

Who are “WE”? Well, as of now you can call us “Sree” & “Pilli”! We would rather like to be remembered for the taste of movies we have and the kind of reviews we offer.


  1. go for it...i wish u guys all the luck... :)

  2. Yes....carry on...it s nice work.