Tuesday 18 September 2012

Barfi! – Sweet & Tangy...

I am a Bong… In every way… But the only difference that I have with other Bongs is that… I don’t like sweets!! A nice, round, spongy “Rosogolla” never tempted me… Neither a “Shondesh” was powerful enough to attract me... But this "Barfi" was tempting enough to take a bite from the very beginning of its first glimpse on television....

Barfi is kind of a person most of us would always wish to become, but never can. Of-course for our own disabilities. But he made us realize, that your disabilities can never stop us from doing anything that we wish to do… for ourselves, or for others around us.

For most of us, writing a review, or may be reading a review should be a quest about the story or may be the performances of the star cast; but after watching Barfi, I must say, we should write about what have we learnt from this impeccable narrative.

Barfi (Ranbir Kapoor) told us to smile, no matter what. He told us to love and respect other’s love as well. He told us to love a person for what he/she is… no matter if they don’t come in a package you wanted them to be. He made us realize that love is nothing but a pure friendship, a companionship, care and respect that you should have from your part; no matter if the other person cannot reciprocate it in the same way.

Jhilmil (Priyanka Chopra) told us that life is still beautiful to look at. You just need to discover the way you need to look at it. We can still find small little things which can make you smile from inside. Just wear that glass on and start looking at the world in the other way around.

Shruti (Illiana D’Cruze) told us there is nothing fulfilling to see the person happy whom you love so much. She gave us the message to not to let go the love of your life which has come to you in the purest of ways. We just need to go with the flow, and everything else would fall in their places.

Whatever you have just read are my perceptions and my learning that I have came back with from the theatre. I would request you to go and watch this movie without any pre-perceptions. I am sure you would never regret your decision.

Bite this Barfi! It’s worth giving a try :)



  1. You have a different style of writing a review . Loved it !!

  2. Thanks for those nice words.. :) Good to know that you liked it.. :)

  3. Being A Bong , you might have connected well with the movie ..and its also made so beautifully ..commendable job done by the Trio ..n support team.

  4. Thanks Vivek for the lovely comment :) Good to know that you liked it.. :) Yes I've connected well.. and the movie has the ability to connect with anyone.. and yes the "trio" has done a commendable job... and a movie cannot be as good as we see them without the help of the team :)

  5. Ur perception is absolutely right and i must say ur style of writing is superb specially the way u started.....