Saturday 15 December 2012

Teen Kanya- Bold and Beautiful

“Teen Kanya” - the name reminds me of legendary Satyajit Ray and his film with the similar title. However, the current one runs on a completely different storyline; and has nothing to do with its 1961 namesake.

I've heard about it from my mother and I loved the way she praised it. I do not generally doubt my mother's recommendations so I've decided to give it a shot. But as I stay in a place where Bengali is not even a second language; thus I have to wait until I got a VCD of it.

This is a story of three girls, coming from different backgrounds and are unknown to each other. But thanks to the interesting screenplay, they got interconnected somehow. How? Watch it and know by yourself. The protagonists named Nancy, Aparna and Damini are played by Ananya Chatterjee, Rituparna Sengupta and newcomer Unnati Davara respectively.

Rituparna Sengupta as Aparna - There is nothing more to say about her. She is continuously proving herself as a complete versatile actress. How can we forget her immensely convincing  role in “Dahan”. Here she played schizophrenic and with her splendid performance, it has become equally convincing too. The character definitely demanded very matured acting skills and Rituparna justified to the requisites by all means.

Ananya Chatterjee as Nancy - “Abohoman” was the first movie I've encountered of Ananya and her National Award Winning role in that movie proved that she is going to stay in Bengali off-bit movie industry for long. She may not be as beautiful as the other two girls in this movie but the way she presented her character, undoubtedly she definitely took away the maximum of lime-light. At least for me she is the best among the three.

Unnati Davara as Damini - She has done well enough considering the fact that it’s her debut film. Though with the kind of a role, she doesn't actually had to do much other than having a similar expression throughout, her role was pretty much stagnant but she really played her part modestly.

The lovemaking scene between Rituparna and Unnati is a must that needs attention and mentioning; and it has added enough spice to the film. The story line is a little controversial but very well managed and depicted.

The movie is a platter of different emotional circumstances of these Teen Kanya's. You will find a mix of emotions like - terror, suffering, romance, suspense, thrills and more. The hotchpotch of the emotions is a bit confusing, but I believe the film maker created these confusions intentionally and it had added in building an interest about the story till the end. Watch it. It's fun!

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