Wednesday 23 January 2013

Table No.21 - A Thoughtful Thriller..!!

Table No.21... The name attracted me the most. When I first saw the theatrical trailer, I asked myself, a movie on a live game-show... Does it justify its name? Well, it does... Undoubtedly! The first thing I would suggest to make it a point to watch this one. If you were too lazy to step-in the theaters, make sure you buy a VCD or DVD and watch it. If you are a thriller freak, then these would add extra elements to your likings. Give it a try!

After recommendations at the first place, let me start putting an un-biased review of it here:

It is an amazingly smart, almost-kickass flick; a well-favored original heroic tale shot in eye-arresting, awe-inspiring Fiji. Table No.21 opens with a rather bold and optimistic couple landing in Fiji to pay a prize vacation within the lap of luxury.

Director Aditya Dutta gets the key of the ‘good life’ right. The narrative then weaves itself into a rather unclear and off-the-wall labyrinth, that's a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the nonsensical aspirations of reality game-shows. Recently we come across an ample number of examples (names withheld) where we can see people standing at the threshold of morality square, where high-end rewards are to be reached on the other hand. 


The film attracts emotions where we sometimes feel two-minded about something. To do it, or not to do it... Sometimes we enjoy the dilemma, though we already have a decision back in our mind. In this movie as well, the protagonists' moods (read twin moods) co-mingle in rewarding waves of episodic overtures and therefore the holidaying couple dips into a vortex of horrific self-exploration game.

The gripping script, the killer element of the movie, is written by 3 writers Sheershak Anand, Abhijeet Deshpande and Shantanu Ray Chibber. The script exudes an unyielding freshness of approach. The last thirty to thirty five minutes of the film is where the meat of the matter materialises in a very moving flourish of conscientiousness. The movie doesn’t fail to grab our attention till the last tip. Table No.21 has everything that a thriller needs to have - crime, revenge, motive, suspense, shock; and the best thing, it has a THOUGHT too. A thought that is so moving that you cannot help but keep on thinking about it while stepping out from the theatres.  


Paresh Rawal’s reliableness as an actor has already touched the zenith. Rajeev was a delight to watch and Tena Desae has also justified the role. But for me surprises were Druv Ganesh as Rawal’s son and Hanif Hilal as Rawal’s henchman.

If you haven’t watched it yet, Table No.21 (The taut tale that is shot on a scenic location) may be a surprise package for you I believe.

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