Tuesday 18 September 2012

Joker.... Jokes Apart!!!!!

I can’t believe myself.... Am I serious? Am I really writing a review for “Joker”??? Or am I just making a 'joker' of myself :P :P

If it’s happening, there has to be something about the movie. Like any other sensible Indian citizen, I've also decided to let the opportunity pass and not surprisingly enough I was not feeling less educated about anything for not turning to theaters for this MASTER-PIECE.

I would have never given a thought to watch it on TV, even if it would have been the only thing left to be watched. But what captured my attention was a FB wallpost of one of my friends... She claimed that “Joker “is the Oscar entry from India this year. I searched a lot on the Internet to find out the authentication of this statement but could not find slightest tress which can verify this HUGE comment.

But something was still there pinching me from inside to give it a try. I’ve survived Tees Maar Khan, thanks to Saridon. And not surprising me enough... to survive Joker, I had to rely on alcohol. I think I would not ask much if I say deserve an Oscar for completing this PIECE OF ELEPHANT’S SHIT!!

This movie is nothing but a hodgepodge of Koi Mil Gaya, Lagan, Peepli Live and may be a few other movies. The storyline is completely unrealistic. And it went even worst when the actual aliens arrived at the end. This twist was very much predictable. The unpredictable thing was the harmony dance of Talpade with an Alien.

Akshay and Sonakshi are looking like poor men’s Akshay and Sonakshi ;) ;) Being a NASA scientist how can Akshay even imagine of creating such a hoax is beyond my imagination!! Sonakshi had nothing to do except falling on Akshays arm every now and then. Talpade performed well without even speaking Hindi (what he spoke is not important at all too)!!! In the whole movie he keeps speaking some gibberish language which at the end came very handy in communicating with the Aliens!!!!

The item number of Chitragada Singh at least added some watchable content in the movie. The funniest part for me was the unusual English translation by Asrani. Though Shirish was trying to pass a message about the backward villages of India by adding a little fun, but you get no prize for guessing, no one understood his underlined sensibility! That was too underlined I suppose :P 

After completing the whole movie I am still searching the answer of one question.... How come Talpade knows the alien language from his childhood? There are only 2 possibilities. Either he was adopted as Akshays younger brother or his mother must be an alien!!!!!!

So, finally... The reason that compelled me to watch and complete Joker... was its incredible ability to feature sheer NON - SENSE!!! If being awfully bunkum is also a criteria, then Joker really does win an entry to Oscar.. :P :P

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