Tuesday 9 October 2012

Star Trek-The Future Begins

I am always curious about the outer space, galaxy, star, black hole etc. since my childhood. I spent a lot of time thinking about these things and reading about them. The more I read the more I find juggling with questions in my mind.... The thirst was unquenchable. In spite of possessing a keen interest in the world beyond Earth, I never watched a single movie of Star Trek series or even a single episode of the TV series, which has been entertaining people decades since my father's childhood!

My introduction to Star Trek happened through a funny... in its literal meaning. I felt attracted towards Star Trek since I started watching “The big Bang Theory”. The craziness and emotions of Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Holwitz about Star Trek actually increased by interest on it.

My first Star Trek movie was its 11th part :P. I was watching the movie on Sat Pix, and thanks for the extra info the channel shares, I came to know that it was shot with a completely new cast. As I haven’t seen the other 10 parts, so I really don’t really have anything to compare with. After watching the whole movie, I am assuming that the new cast filled the big shoes really well.

At first I found the story a little complicated as the concept of alternate reality always goes beyond my reach. But as the movie progresses I have started getting a hold over it. It is a prequel of other Star Trek movies which shows the origins of Kirk and Spock as well as how the Enterprise crew met all within an alternate timeline caused by Nero.

In this movie the relationship between Kirk and Spock didn't  start in a friendly manner in the alternate reality but later on with the interference of the older Spock coming from a different timeline helped them becoming friends. This is a small part but this is the only one I guess acted by one of the original Star Trek cast Legendary Leonard Nimoy. The cute little Russian crew member added some fun part in the movie with his horrible English accent (in one scene the space ship did not even recognize his voice command!).

All the actions and special effects are worth seeing the movie. The space battles, the creation of black hole, destruction of planets all seems pretty original to me. I wish I could see that in the theatre instead of TV. That would be definitely more entertaining for a science fiction fan like me.

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