Monday 27 October 2014

Happy New Year-Not So Happy

If you expect a movie with great brain storming robbery like the Oceans’ Series or Italian job you will be greatly disappointed. If you expect a movie of some bunch of losers winning some ultimate dance championships after showing some awesome dancing moves like Step Up series, you will be disappointed too. 

Don’t know whether Farha Khan tried to make a brainless comedy movie like Golmal series or Welcome series or something else but mixing it with robbery and dance has failed to give the right comedy masala as well. Some of the comedy sequences were good, but robbery or dance was not up to the mark at all. Farah Khan gives us a glimpse of how her brother Sajid directs films (by cracking bad jokes, offending people and using women). After watching this movie I am expecting Sajid Khan’s Next movie must be Ha Ha He He. 

There are glimpses of so many old Hindi movies throughout this movie in dialogues (from DDLJ to Devdas) or in the names (Mohini form Tezab) or in other things. I am leaving it up to you guys to spot the references for the other things. Too many stars spoiled the screen space for everyone. Even three hours was not enough to justify each and every character in the movie. So I am not going to explain how they acted in this movie. The story is very predictable with a few “Mera Bharat Mahan” emotion. Too much song sequences with lousy dance moves and extra large pack of sentiments during the climax , slowed down the pace even more.

The best part of HNY comes at the end. When the end credits roll, the different off-screen departments participate in the Worst Dance Championship, judged by Khan herself. I always liked Farha Khan’s style of representing the end credit roll in a different manner, always. From Main Hoon Na through Om Shanti Om to Happy New Year at least this part was not disappointing.
The movie will make a lot of money, but it will not make any impact on people’s mind. If making money is the purpose, well the purpose is fulfilled. Sharukh Khan may say: “Harkar jitnewalo ko Bazigar kehte hain.”

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