Wednesday 19 September 2012

Bhooter Bhabishyat - Future of the Past

There is always a controversy regarding the existence of “Ghosts”. People of all ages, of all times have wondered and questioned - do they actually exist? If they do, what kind of a “life” (I don’t whether I can actually use this word here or not) do they lead after “death”? “Bhooter Bhabisyat” is actually having a different treatment towards it. I believe, had they been the way they are shown in the movie I would have never mind of having some cool “Ghost Friends” as my “Best Friends”. :)

As the title suggests, the story is actually about the future of a bunch of ghosts. The whole story is encircled around “Chowdhury Palace” which amplified my interest a bit as I possess the same surname (hehehehe.. :P:P:P). There are all types of ghosts from “Mughal” era to modern “Rock” era living in that palace. They actually have a recruitment process of that Ghost Palace and it was hilarious.

Inspite of having generation and cultural gaps amongst them, they all fought together to a common goal which was saving their home from being demolished by people from other life, people who are still alive. The palace was meant to be demolished for making place for a shopping Mall. Before that they were living a very peaceful ghost life enjoying at its best.

They even used to go to market, shop groceries and even cooked their food and ate together! Pretty cool! Ain’t they? They don’t have to take the tension of living and don’t have to earn money for living. Adding to it, they even organised cultural festivals and they also uses Internet and social networking sites!!! They basically do all things apart from the age old thing that we all know “Bhoot” for; they don’t scare people. And will they even do that? After all they have better things to do.... Even at the end of the movie they showed their helping nature towards human too!!!

Sabyasachi Chakraborty has given a good cameo performance as the story teller and Prombroto Chatterjee also acted well in his “Human” part in “Ghost” movie. Though the whole movie was very much predictable even the twist in the end did not surprise me much; but the presentation was very attractive which kept my interest till the end.

The use of age old Rabindra Sangeet, Movie songs in an age old manner (where singers used to emphasize on using their nose), parody songs in the festival, exclusive Hindi item number at the end - they all added different spices in the movie which made it a very tasty and spicy platter. At the end I must say it reminded me of the funny ghost part of the epic movie “Gupi Gain Bagha Bain” by legendary Satyajit Ray.

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