Tuesday 24 June 2014

Humshakals- Triple Trouble

The movie started with Saif delivering awful jokes as a stand up comedian and Ritesh banging his head on the wall to digest them.  If you are a sensible person, you will do the same for Sajid after completing the movie for sure. I read some reviews on Friday and no one has given a recommendation to watch the movie. So I avoided spoiling my weekend by wasting money on that movie, but on Monday I came to know that the movie earned 40 crores in the opening week!!!! So I decided to give it a chance. If I can digest movies like Tees Maar Khan and Joker (Thanks to Saridon), I can tolerate this movie too. 

Apart from Himmatwala, Sajid’s other movies are not that bad, in fact I liked Hey Baby. Moreover, I trusted the judgement of people who willingly spent 40 crores this weekend to entertain themselves with this movie.  So last night I watched the movie after dinner and I have seen some extremely good actors doing some ridiculously insane acting. Poor jokes, poor acting, poor story line... Everything is there to make a movie flop.  And Ram Kapoor in girls outfit!!!! Romancing with Ram Kapoor!!!! What a treat to eye!!!!!! Why Sajid why!!!!! It was shown in the movie that Himmatwala and Tees Maar Khan were used to torture patients of the mental asylum. Well, after watching the movie I was feeling like tortured and I am sure in future Humshakals will be used to torture people.  After watching Tees Maar Khan and Joker, I thought Shirish Kunder is the worst director, but after Himmatwala and Humshakals, Sajid will definitely give him a tough competition in making bad movies.

The only thing I liked in this movie is Ritesh Deshmukh. He tried his best to make good use of the script (if there is any). Ram Kapoor also did well, but personally I just could not tolerate him in girl’s outfit. I don’t know how I finished the complete movie, but I did!!! And after 2 and half hour movie, it took me half an hour more to realize what I have watched!! Going to the theatre to watch this movie and let Sajid earn some more money is not advisable at all. I am afraid if this movie can earn this much money, what will be Sajid’s next venture!!! 

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